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The geographical area that makes up Legislative District 17 has changed drastically over Arizona’s past century. I look forward to it continuing to grow and change over the next. As a native Arizonan born and raised in the East Valley, I have seen our community go from vast agricultural fields to our vibrant neighborhoods. Chandler has been transformed into the leading technology corridor of our state. We have two of the fastest growing cities in our country, Chandler and Gilbert. With that, we see our community embrace our cultural diversity and political differences. The Arizona legislature, however, has grown so polarized it fails to accomplish real solutions to Arizona’s real problems. Our lagging local economy, our need for job creation, our public education system and our neglected and abused vulnerable citizens, demand legislative solutions now! The days of a divisive legislative agenda that does not seek to solve problems, but only creates more, needs to end now. Arizonans deserve better!

You have the choice to make a difference in 2014. A vote for me is a vote for a moderate, a problem solver, an ethical leader and a mediator who is accustomed to bringing two polar opposites together to find solutions in the middle. Solutions we can all stand behind. That is why I am running for office, that is why I need your support and that is why you should vote for me on November 4, 2014.

It will be an honor to serve our community. Together we can make Arizona’s future brighter.

Kristie O’Brien
Your candidate for the Arizona State Senate, LD-17
A Leader for All

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