Key Issues

Local Economy and Jobs
At a time when Arizona is still striving for economic recovery, the AZ Legislature passed SB1062, a bill that was bad for Arizona business. The 2015 NFL Super Bowl which brings in $500-700M alone was put in jeopardy. We lost jobs as companies chose not to come to Arizona and we lost conventions vital to the tourism industry. Arizona’s business community overwhelmingly spoke out to urge the Governor’s veto of the bill. My opponent introduced this bill. It is time to put an end to fiscally irresponsible governance. | Read More

Public Education
Benjamin Franklin once said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Our investment in the public education of Arizona’s children today will pay dividends for years to come. A brighter future for Arizona begins with world-class K-12 public education for all of our children. | Read More

Family Issues
Every Arizonan should live in a safe community and in a safe home. Arizona’s rates of domestic violence, trafficking, child abuse and neglect, however, evidence that is not the case for an alarming number of Arizonans. As your State Senator, I will advocate for prevention measures to protect our community from these crimes and to support the victims. | Read More

Veterans' Affairs

The blood, sweat, tears and sacrifices of our Veterans are those of our great nation. Therefore, there is no reason why any Veteran should go hungry, be homeless, unemployed or go without necessary medical care or benefits. | Read More



SB1062 Fact Sheet- Yarbrough


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